A series of TED-Style Talks hosted by Dan Graham , head of marketing, NextGen Planners

Talk 1: Launching a tech-enabled financial planning business

10 minutes

Join Scott Millar and Rob Schwarz from Finova Money in an enlightening discussion on the intersection of financial planning and modern technology. Having recently launched their own financial planning business, they have first-hand experience in building a firm from the ground up, utilising innovative technology at its core.

Speakers: Scott Millar and Rob Schwarz, founders and financial planners, Finova Money

Talk 2: Client-Centric Advisors & AI: The New Formula for Client Satisfaction, Margins and Growth

10 minutes

Amal Jolly delves into the inevitable fusion of financial advisory and technology, outlining how next-generation firms will employ AI and tech solutions for unparalleled efficiency and client retention.

Key takeaways include:

• Building a lean, adviser-only workforce
• Automating admin and compliance for streamlined operations
• Leveraging technology safely for sustainable profitability and growth

Speaker: Amal Jolly, co-founder, Saturn

Talk 3: What top athletes can teach financial planners about AI 

10 minutes

Hear Tyme Regent-Bascombe from Five Wealth draw parallels between biomechanical analysis in sports and the financial planning process. Tyme will showcase how top athletes have used AI to optimise performance, reduce errors, and personalise strategies. He will illustrate how financial planners can similarly leverage AI to enhance their services, create personalised client strategies, and improve business performance.

Speaker: Tyme Regent-Bascombe, chartered financial planning manager, Five Wealth

Talk 4: Communities Dominate Brands: Building the right kind of online presence 

10 minutes

In today's digital era, strong online communities can propel brands to new heights. In this talk, Amelia Hamilton from NextGen Planners will delve into the transformative power of online communities and how they can turbocharge your brand's visibility, credibility, and growth.

Speaker: Amelia Hamilton, head of community, NextGen Planners

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NextGen Planners
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NextGen Planners
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Finova Money
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Finova Money
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